Meet Our Staff


Dr. Craig Burk

Craig  Burk

Craig Burk, D.V.M., was born and raised on Des Moines, Iowa's, South Side. Dr. Burk graduated from Lincoln High School in 1970. He attended Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa, for six years, graduating from the Iowa State College of Veterinary Medicine in 1976.

Dr. Burk joined the Knoxville Veterinary Clinic in 1977, at a time when livestock was the primary focus. He interned at the clinic in 1975 and enjoyed it immensely. Dr. Burk became the sole owner of the clinic in 1991. He remained a small animal doctor, selling the "farm animal" portion of the practice in 1994.

Dr. Burk has four grown children, Ryan, Holly, Chelsea, and Joshua.  Dr. Burk and his wife, Pamela, have been married since 2004. Pam has two grown daughters, Michelle and Melissa. Together, Dr. Burk and Pam have 4 grandchildren. 

Craig Burk D.V.M./OwnerDr. Burk and Pam have four dogs, Goliath (Weimaraner), Samson (golden retriever), Lucy (morkie), and Gracie (Chihuahua). They also have Josh's Japanese Chinn, Guinevere, part-time. Their house is going to the dogs! As you may have noticed, Samson and Goliath live at the clinic full time now, along with Stony Burk, the office cat. 

Quite active in the Knoxville community, Dr. Burk is a former president of Kiwanis; has been on the board of Habitat for Humanity, Marion County; a deacon in his church; sings and plays guitar in his church's band and sometimes leads services there; and he acts as an advisor for animal health issues for the Marion County Humane Society and for the Marion County health department. In his free time, Dr. Burk enjoys playing his guitar and singing, reading, and bicyling. 

Support Staff

Maria Casal
Veterinary Assistant

Joslyn DeGoey
Veterinary Assistant

Jessica Kleywigt
Veterinary Assistant

Kathy McMulin

Donna Flattery
Registered Veterinary Technician

Donna  Flattery

Donna is a registered veterinary technician that has been in practice for 36 years. She graduated from Northeast Missouri State in 1980 with her major being their Veterinary Technician Certification Program. She began working in this building shortly after, and has seen it change hands several times. Donna has been working with Dr. Burk since he purchased the practice in 1980. More recently, Donna completed online coursework to become a professional dog trainer in 2010, and earned her Professional Dog Trainer certificatio in 2015. Donna is the trainer at our clinic, and adores working with behavior issues and basic training. 

Donna is married to Jerry Flattery, who works at 3M in Knoxville. Together they have three children. Their oldest is Robin, a high school English teacher in Washington. Their second child is Matt, who works in Pella at Skunk River Pallet & Block. Their youngest is Brad, who is presently in school at DMAAC on top of working at Wal-Mart in Pella. 

Donna also has several pets, 2 dogs and 3 cats. Chubbs is a 6-year-old rambunctious black lab, and Sybil is her 9-year-old bossy border collie/lab mix. Her garage cats are Mitt, Pong, and Kevin, whose favorite activity is making paw print art on the hood of her car. In her free time, Donna enjoys reading, exercising, trying new recipes, training dogs, and most of all spending time with family and friends. 

Nancy Vander Veer

Nancy  Vander Veer

Nancy has been working at Knoxville Veterinary Clinic since 2007. Nancy graduated from Knoxville High School in 1982, and attended Ozark Christian College in Joplin, Missouri. After college, Nancy married Joe, and they have been together for 30 years. Joe currently works at 3M in Knoxville. 

Together, they have three children. Their oldest is Stephanie, who works at Iowa Realty in Des Moines, and is getting married in October of 2016 to her fiancee Dustin. Their middle son is Craig, who lives with Nancy & Joe. Bennet graduated from Knoxville High School in May of 2016, and now attends Iowa State University with a major in computer engineering. 

In addition to her family, Nancy has a house full of pets. Currently, she has two dogs named Lucky (american eskimo) and Charlie (shi-poo). Nancy also has three cats named Bug, Midge, & Eggs. When Nancy is not busy working as on of our receptionists, she loves spending time with family and friends. She also enjoys reading and sewing in her spare time. 

Clinic Pets

Samson Burk

Samson Burk

Samson is a busy bee here at Knoxville Veterinary Clinic. He may seem like just a big teddy bear, but he has some important jobs to do and is not yet retired like Goliath. After coming to live here at the clinic, it has been a tall order for Samson to earn room and board. 

His most well-known job is that of greeter. He loves attention, and we are sure that, if he could, he would talk your ear off all day. It is thought that Samson may have been Forrest Gump in a previous life. He has never been a hunter, much preferring to spend his days giving endless love. He loves to give comfort to those that are sad, donates blood for our in-house patients in need of special care, and is always ready with a hug and a smile. 

Some nights Samson can also be seen at our puppy socialiation classes. He spends a majority of that time looking down his nose and them, letting the puppies play with him, and making sure they know when they are getting too rambunctious. He is a very good teacher. 

Perhaps someday Samson will earn his retirement like good and faithful Goliath, but for now he is quite happy working for his daily treats. We have a sneaking suspicion he would give people attention anyway. 

Stony Burk

Stony Burk

Stony Burk was adopted from the Marion County Humance Society, and has been our office cat for three years. He was previously adopted and returned several times-he seemed to know he was meant for more than the life of a house cat. Like Samson, Stony still has to earn his keep though. 

Stony is most recognizable by his fashion choices. He is always sporting a handsome lion cut, with boots and tail to match. On haircut days he can be seen strutting his stuff, proud to show off how well groomed he is. Of course, his good grooming makes him quite the lady's man. 

Despite his inflated ego, Stony is a very compassionate kitty. He enjoys greeting all the employees as they arrive in the morning-that's when he gets in his morning stretches. During the day he can be found checking on all of the in-house cat patients. Stony likes to comfort and keep them company, especially kittens. If any of our in-house patients makes a fuss, he is right there to offer a comforting paw or nose rub. 

Between the companion duties, comforting, greeting, and keeping the boys in line, Stony requires many naps. His favorite spot is napping in his bed by the reception desk, but has been known to take refuse on office chairs, and the occasional warm keyboard. 

Goliath Burk
In Memory

Goliath Burk

This staff list has been published in memory of our wonderful Goliath. Goliath was the weimeraner that lived here at our clinic until his passing in November of 2016 at the age of 13. Goliath spent his glory days hunting with Dr. Burk, and lived at his home for many years. More recently, Goliath had retired due to arthritis and age, so he spent his days at the clinic. 

Goliath waas most well known for making a stink quite often during the day (and we mean this literally), and receptionists were often seen spraying air freshener all over their desk. Goliath preferred to spend most of his time napping under the desk by their feet, and was the unseen culprit in many 'whodunnit' cases. 

When not napping or munching on treats, Goliath liked to spend time wandering outside and sniffing to his hearts content, even when it was time to come back in. Goliath remains in our hearts, faithful, loving, and a very good boy.